Gordon Solutions, LLC

7500 N. Teutonia Ave.

Milwaukee, WI 53209

-Stephen Gordon

Project Manager


Stephen is one of the original three founders of Gordon Solutions.  His knowledge of technology put the company on the fast track to success. With a degree in Business Management he keeps a sharp eye on the preservation and future of Gordon Solutions.

Office - 262-457-7873

Fax - 262-457-7888

-Don Gordon



Don is one of the original three founders and sole owner of Gordon Solutions. His years of construction experience certainly play a factor in his success, but his distinguished business skills have proven to be an advantage.

-Sheryl Gordon

Office Manager


Sheri is one of the three original founders of Gordon Solutions. Her organizational skills are key to the smooth operation of the company. Her disciplined over watch made room for some of the smartest business decisions Gordon Solutions has seen.

-Gina Abbott

Office Assistant


Gina uses her degree in Business Administration to carry Gordon Solutions to new heights. Taking on tasks such as payroll, scheduling, proposals, and record keeping. Gina is the heart and soul of our company and insures our smooth operation.

-Cody Borcherdt

Commercial Construction Consultant / Division 08


Cody's extensive experience is a major asset for Gordon Solutions. His forward thinking and accurate solutions prove to set the company ahead of its competition.