Because of our background in residential construction, Gordon Solutions is well versed in the art of finish carpentry.

Field Measuring

With over 30 years of window and door experience, Gordon Solutions understands the Importance of correct field measuring and has acquired the skills to get the job done right.

Glass & Glazing

Gordon Solutions specializes in all aspects of windows and doors. Including glass and glazing. 

Windows & Historic Windows

Gordon Solutions handles a wide variety of replacement windows for many of Milwaukee's most monumental historical buildings. 

Doors & Historic Doors

Keeping in mind the rich history of Milwaukee and her beauty, Gordon Solutions carefully resurrects historical doors of downtown Milwaukee.

Labor Contracts

Gordon Solutions has the ability and man-power to supply sub-contract labor to other companies in need. Our many certifications satisfy what your looking for. We also hold long-term labor contracts for organizations like UW-Milwaukee and Milwaukee Public Schools.

Gordon Solutions specializes in windows and doors. However, as a construction company we take pride in all aspects of construction. Moving forward from sub-contract work to general contracting Gordon Solutions does it all!

Gordon Solutions also finds it very important to teach children about the importance of hard work. That is why we also employ some of Milwaukee Public School students as part of the "Student Participation Plan". With us some of these students will learn early on what it takes to be part of our successful team.